Nógrád district, Szügy

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Welcome to the Industrial Park in Szügy

Economic development of West Nógrád region

A large solar park in Szügy is located on half of the 10 hectares land, while in the brand new Industrial Park on the other side with public utility, electrical and telecommunications infrastructure network, solid pavement, we are expecting small and medium-sized enterprises.

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The continuous development of the Balassagyarmat-Szügy area, the well-functioning domestic and international subsidiaries of the decades, increase the competitiveness of the economic life of the area.

A popular business location

The Hungarian economy is closely connected to Germany, so the presence of German-owned companies operating in the village is exemplary.


Stable and clear ownership, transparent sets of rules and conditions.

The Industrial Park in Szügy awaits the settlement of small and large companies, enterprises and startups with favorable conditions in its empty plots and in the free offices and workshops of the Incubator House.

Excellent infrastructure, immediate connection to utilities.

Please inquire about our free plots, including the allocation of the desired plot!



Favorable geographic location

Szügy can be reached within 1 hour from the Budapest border and from the M3 motorway. The distance in kilometers from Budapest 75 km, from the highway 55 km.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.


Hall sizes
Warehouse: 342m2
Office: 244 m2
Open area: 3.8 hectares

Incubator house

The startup world is showing continuous development in Hungary, and as a result of the related initiatives, several successful companies have been established.

The Industrial Park in Szügy awaits startup businesses and existing enterprises which are attracted by the inspiring nature of the area.